NEW Micro SD Card 128gb memory cardfor phone and table PC

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NEW Micro SD Card 128gb memory cardfor phone and table PC

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Real capacity

32 GB = aproximadamente 28,2 GB-30 GB
64 GB = approximately 52.5GB-58.5 GB

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Item Condition


Video Speed Class







Mobile Phone, Tablet, Notebook, Tachograph, Camera, Monitoring, Speakers, Digital Devices, Robot, UAV, File Storage, Others

Read/Write Speed


Model Number

Micro SD Card

Application Performance Class




Class Level



TF / Micro SD Card

UHS Level


SD Type


19 reviews for NEW Micro SD Card 128gb memory cardfor phone and table PC

  1. FitzStores Shopper

  2. f***s

  3. FitzStores Shopper

  4. FitzStores Shopper

  5. FitzStores Shopper

  6. N***r

  7. FitzStores Shopper

  8. FitzStores Shopper

  9. FitzStores Shopper

  10. FitzStores Shopper

    Works well, now can I my pics about put also is the klrine and convenient, but don’t go just to your key forest hang because there by si which within Broken gone like my previous!

  11. FitzStores Shopper

  12. FitzStores Shopper

    Delivery is quite fast, came in a bag, whole, nothing is damaged. As it will show itself in work-let’s see…

  13. FitzStores Shopper

    This is a physically very small flash drive with quite a large storage capacity. I have not so far come anywhere near using the full capacity, but the files (movies) that I have put on this drive were quickly written and read and I have not seen any errors in the files. The read and write speeds I observed are just my impression – I have not actually timed them, but they seem to be adequate for a casual user like me.

  14. FitzStores Shopper

    Not much to review because its a USB like all other USBs out there. Only thing thats cool about it is the color and that its made out of metal. Only thing i would say is that after a while the USB will heat up. Only possible reason is that its metal and metal heats up. Plastic ones you dont really tell if it heats up or not. Its good buy it.

  15. FitzStores Shopper

    Tarjeta Micro SD de 512GB, 256GB TF, 8gb, 4gb, 16gb, 32GB, 64GB, 128GB, para teléfono y PC de mesa, logotipo personalizado, novedad

  16. FitzStores Shopper

    Always safe with this one very durable and well made love the space grey look. Recommend because of fast shipping and quality product!!!

  17. FitzStores Shopper

  18. FitzStores Shopper

    Really great design fast drive. One thing I was surpised to realize: With a metal casing there is no flashing light to show it is running/working. I discovered I counted on that with other thumb drives. But it has a really strong ring hole which I need to keep on my key chain. So overall a nice product. Had it for a week when writing this.

  19. FitzStores Shopper

    I got this not only because its Samsung and 3.1 is super fast but mainly because it is a sturdy metal case and I have this on my key ring. The last SanDisk one I bought was cheap crappy plastic and both of them broke off the keys (still love sandisk but that one drive sucked).

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